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A very interesting project at AFNorth International School. The NATO's school has students in ages from 4-18 years old. The goal was to make a promotional video which the school's core values will be explained. 

We created six small videos. One for each core value AFNorth stands for: Character, Collaboration, Communication, Citizenship, Creativity and Critical Thinking. To combine everything in one video we also made one longer video summarizing everything. 

With a crew of four we shot everything in about three days. Great project with great people! 

AFNorth's website: 

deadly guns music video

To promote the main song of Deadly Guns' new album we made a music video. Everything is shot in an old rusty garage which we used as decor. Together with 40 of his fans we created a small rave on set.


 The album got launched in July 2019.  


The Dutch Judo Federation had the idea to film techniques needed for each graduation. Judo ranks skill by the color of the belt. To get a higher rank you'll have to do an exam and show techniques. We filmed these techniques for informative purpose on the Federation's social media. 


Everything shot in two days with a three-man crew on the tatami. Videos can now be seen on the social media of the Dutch Judo Federation.



social: @judobond  


All the power you need! That's the slogan of this Canadian brand in karate gear. We did a very cool project for Arawaza at the Leipzig Grand Prix karate in Germany by shooting small videos about athletes fighting in Arawaza gear. 

In three full days of shooting we filmed about 40 athletes. Each telling his/her story about karate and Arawaza. 

Great project! We worked with people from all over the world telling their stories. The videos can be watched online at Arawaza's social media.